Sunday, May 18, 2008

So I am finally back from the fun filled week of gambling with my mom. Amazingly it turned into a free weekend with the amount of money we actually won back. It wasn't extremely impressive but it was enough to pay back the trip. Now I am back home and on the job hunt again for a full-time day job.

I also finally got my transcripts in from Vandy. I had a slight freak out attack when my mom said she almost opened them (geezus) but then I saw she barely even picked at it. I am so damn gullible sometimes. My mom and boyfriend get me every damn time...but anyhoo, now I can finally send my paperwork to Korea. I'm slightly iffy about sending my original diploma just because it took so long and so much money to get it but after asking around I'm a little placated. Gotta have some kind of faith.

With slightly less than 2months before I leave I am really trying to crack down and get rid of items I don't need. I need to even more because I barely have anywhere to store them at my mom's house now. I suppose that is what I will do all today since yesterday I did nothing but relax with Leon. It was such a beautiful day so we spent most of it walking around the lake, enjoying the breeze and trying to skip stones. Leon always says that I am so loved...which meant I got bit by a dozen mosquito...iiiiiitchy! But at least it was a great day...And I also have pictures from graduation and my graduation dinner with friends and family. I am glad to be done but now boredom is setting in=^^=Not sure who got a pic of me as I walked back to my seat. It was like an ambush of cameras and parents...
Me and my two moms, Mama Lily on the left and my bio Mom on the right. I love them both and am glad they get along...sometimes TOO well...My dad and mama and I.Two of the most important men in my life, and they seem to get along, even better!Dinner at Shogun Hibachi grill...sooooo good. And he "flirted" with my cousin, lol. Two of my best friends who i will miss dearly also came to the dinner. I was so glad that they could meet my family again and enjoy the day=^^=

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My name is Joy said...

I sent my diplomas to Korea because I didn't want to spend all the time and money to get certified copies. You can get copies of the original again if they get lost. I guess I put a lot of trust in my school.

Anyways good luck with finding a full time job.