Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Return

I am back! I'll be moving back to Korea at the end of May 2011! This time I'll be returning with a new husband and family so it should be very interesting. As I will have school aged children there will be a lot more to consider and write about as far as the moving and settling in process. Definitely check back in the next few days for my first MASSIVE post about everything...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Job Posting

August 19
Job Title:English teacher
Located at:Gwangju, Gyungkido (South Korea)->map
Salary:$Negotiable KRW
Required fields of expertise: ESL/EFL, Elementary, Kindergarten
We are looking for good teachers.
- native speaker or Kyopo
- BA degree necessary
- Kindergarten and Elementary level
- Full time or part time
- salary: 2.3-2.5 krw( for full time)
- housing single studio apartment
- round air ticket
- medical insurance
- one month severance at the end of contract
- Location: Gwangju, Gyungkido
- Contact person: Alison, Kang

Monday, August 16, 2010

Job Posting

August 16
Job Title:Near seoul, Big city, Coastal city in Korea
Located at:Everywhere (South Korea)->map
Vacancy:5 or more
Salary:$2100000 KRW
Requisites:at least bachelor degree
Required fields of expertise: , ESL to Children
Hi, this is Sunny from “Teaching-in-korea“
We are a professional recruitment agency which directly recruits native english teachers for teaching positions throughout South Korea. We have many positions available in all provinces.
I will send your resume to there and i will set up your interview with that schools.
We have many native helpers(us,canada,uk,nz) to explain visa process to teaching in korea.
if you want, they will help you for free.
Please send your resume and a recent photo to us.
Include the following information :
1. date of birth :
2. nationality :
3. desired starting date :
4. desired school location :
(Candidates who are flexible on location will be given priority placement)
5. desired student age :
6. desired salary :
7. phone number :
8. best time to be reached by phone :
9. by what date can you prepare all necessary documents for visa :
10. university name and degree and major :
11. regular teaching experience years :
= All documents for visa =
1.Copy of paasport
3.1 sealed transcript
( another 1 transcript need for your visa process in America with korea consulate)
4.1) Original diploma or
2) Notarized copy diploma from Korean consulate in your country or
3) Apostille on certificate of academic degree issued by your university
5.Apostillized criminal record
6.Self health check statement(attached)
7.Signed contracts
8.3 passport size photos

Friday, August 13, 2010

Job search help...

So a few months ago I signed up with a recruiting website that will email you new job opportunities for teaching all over Korea. I decided that each day I would post one of those listings here for anyone else that is also looking for teaching jobs in Korea. Make sure of course to take all of the necessary precautions when searching for a job. Make sure you research about the company and the particular branch. Also be sure to get in contact with a foreign teacher who is already there. If you are in Korea I would suggest meeting the leaving teacher for coffee away from school so that you can try to get a real idea about working conditions without worrying about issues from the manager.

Posted: August 13
Job Title:ESL Teacher
Located at:Ilsan (South Korea)->map
Salary:$2200000 KRW
Requisites:University Degree
Required fields of expertise: , Elementary, ESL to Children, Kindergarten

If anyone is interested in the jobs posted here send me a comment and I can send you the link to the application for it. Happy hunting!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back in action....sort of...

So I am back to posting on this here blog I started when I was living in Korea. No I am not back in Korea yet....sadness. I am still in graduate school in the US trying not to shoot myslf in the foot from boredom. I have roughly a year until I finish school but I have already started prepping myself for my return abroad in a few ways:

1) Saving $$$

Being that I am not someone with endless amounts of the good ol' green stuff at my disposal (not mary-jane I'm not 420 unfriendly but I don't smoke it myself), I decided to do what I should have done the first time around and start my saving up process early. Previously when I left for Korea I had roughly $500 to survive an entire month. Needless to say I was very poor and without the friends I had would never have left my apartment (or had a bed to sleep on) that first month.

2) Researching jobs

I enjoyed my hagwon teaching experience. I know many friends who had shit-tastic experiences with theirs but CDI always paid me on time, my managers were awesome, the kids were great and my apartment was pretty friggin sweet. I got paid more than average for what I did and though I had little vacation time, I had plenty of time to have a life. I got lucky. I barely did any research before leaving which could have been disastrous. I was naive and lucky enough to have friends teaching with the same company and just got an amazing placement. This time around though I will be checking up on the companies and branches to make sure (as much as possible anyway) that my next placement is bearable.

3) Making a decision...ugh

So the biggest problem I find myself with is choosing whether to go back to Korea right away or to go to Japan to work. I have studied Japanese and Japanese culture since I was in highschool. Japan was always my first love. However, I do love Korea and I have many friends there I want to go back and be with. So now I have to make a decision. Do I go back to where I know how things function (che, even with the K-logic that is illogical in many ways) or do I go to my first love. I told myself that wherever I go next, I will stay for minimum 2 years. I'll need the time to really get settled and start paying back graduate loans that will kick in around November 2011.

So those are just a few things I've started dealing with. I think giving myself a year to really research and make a sound decision is a great idea as I can't hope to luck into an amazing position again.

But for now I am posting again and I will be sure to keep posting about my upcoming job hunt overseas...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

To Be Continued...

So I don't know if I will ever really blog on here anymore. I hope to have many more trips to Korea to visit friends. Perhaps I will even return to teach again some day. But for now I am continuing on with living life, finding love...but in the U.S. So I have made a new blog where I will be posting, adding pictures and generally telling the story of my life. Hopefully you all will continue to follow...

Friday, September 25, 2009


I am officially a Graduate Student!!!

I start classes next Thursday night. Excited and terrified and anxious and EVERYTHING. Also moving into a new place with a new roommate soon hopefully. Though no one can ever be as good as my mi-chan and my firecrotch=^^=

Next stop is the financial aid office to see if I recieve any grants or if I will be putting myself farther into debt...