Thursday, July 10, 2008


So I just got back from Atlanta last night with my shiny new visa!!! Well, it isn't shiny but it is new. After walking in circles in downtown Atlanta for 20mins I discovered that the hotel I was staying in was connected to the tower where the Korean consulate was located...yeah had a dumb moment...for 20minutes. But anyhoo, I had my interview Tuesday morning which was pretty chill and the guy was very nice. My mom was busy reading all of the magazines about Korea that she could and even stole a few I think. The next day I came back to the consulate and they had my passport all ready and waiting for me. It was grand.

So now I am repacking because I'm a bit over the 50lb weight limit and steeling myself for a 14hr plane ride. Geezus. I hate planes. But I've got a 600page book and my ipod. I'm ready for it. Also thankfully there is someone picking me up at the airport to take me to my hotel. And that night I think I'll be meeting up with a friend of mine if I am not too exhausted for hopefully late night snackage and to see how far I'll be from them.

I'm getting more and more excited though I did have a bit of a crying breakdown Tuesday night while on the phone with Leon. I'm not a crier. Actually, I've been told that I don't show much emotion at all except for maybe hyperness. So I don't think Leon much knew what to do when I started crying on the phone. In the hotel lobby no less! A bellhop guy came over and asked if I needed help and such when he saw me. Very embarrassing. But I got my act together and the last 1 1/2hrs of Leon and my conversation was all laughs and butchered Vietnamese on my part. I think getting an email from my friend who recently flew and is staying in Hong Kong, who also has a boyfriend in the states definitely helped my mood. Hell, 2days left before I fly I better be excited.



gracer said...

Yeay! Congrats to your visa! Have a good flight. I'm so excited for you!

My name is Joy said...

HI! I am so excited you will be landing here soon. Here is my cell phone number so in case you want to contact me or send a text message.

010 2203 6721
dial all those #'s

For me the flight went fast. My bag was over the weight limit and size limit so I paid an extra $50...didn't mind, knew I packed my whole house. haha

Anyways get ready to be starry eyed!