Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Some pics...

So finally I have gotten around to taking pictures and posting them here. Sorry it took me so long. I also started my first day of teaching yesterday. It went pretty good I think. I loved the middle schoolers. They were so much fun to get thinking. Hopefully the school thinks I did ok. I varied a slight bit from things both times but not in a huge way. Everyone was also very helpful with everything at branch. Next I have a prep class to teach tomorrow. I met some other very cool people on that side and actually the apartment that I move into tomorrow houses a few of them.

The place I am moving into isn't big but it is big enough for lil ol' me. It is a bit of a mess so I will be massively cleaning all day tomorrow to make my place liveable. I'll post pics of my before and after. Unfortunately it didn't come with furniture so I will be getting all of that in time. Maybe with a bit of my first paycheck. I met C today who lives in the building across from mine and he is going to help me go to E-mart tomorrow to find some supplies. I don't have a picture of the emart but it is right across the street from me.

Enjoy the pics of my new area Pyeongchon. There will be more coming soon=^^=

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My name is Joy said...

You live across an Emart! Holy smokes! I would be in there like everyday ! Anyways they sell furniture so that may help ya! We should have a gathering :) My vacation is next week. I know someone else who lives in the Gangnam area.

Anyways I am liking the rain are you? It calms these Seoulites down a bit hehehe!