Sunday, August 3, 2008

I apologize...

So I very much apologize for being away from my blog for so long. Life without internet is kicking me in the ass. Combine that with not having a tv, bed, food to cook, wait I do have friends...I think...but yeah I still come home to a half empty apartment everyday. Quite sad really but I get my first paycheck soon so I hope to add a bit more furniture to my apartment.

Work has been going great. The kids are hilariously funny at times and keep me entertained. Combine that with the fact that I love my coworkers and you have a very happy Kristen. I finally got my ARC(alien registration card) from immigration earlier. When you get to Korea be sure to get that ASAP. You can't really get a bank account or anything without it. Luckily I had a friend go with me and I got a phone my second day here. However I had a helluva time trying to get my prepaid phone recharged last week. After getting the runaround from about 8 stores in and around Seoul I finally went to Technomart where there was a LG Telecom center. Truthfully I cried a little and the lady helped me out. She was so nice and I wish her a promotion in the future. So now I finally can make outgoing calls again.

But alas everything can not go right in my life at the same time. My washing machine crapped out. I had to go downstairs to my coworker/awesomest friend ever's apartment and I currently have all of my undies drying in her room. Heehee.

All in all I have been having a great time in Pyeongchon. It's a nice combo of chillaxin place but close enough for me to go to Seoul at like I did last week with NaiNai. I have gotten a few stares, been called Ms. Hip-hop(granted he did call me gorgeous), been waved at by cute little kids and had a lady in the nail salon rub my arm and say my skin was soft. I have been passed by/ignored by a few taxis but otherwise I haven't had any other negative experiences. I do hope to branch out beyond Pyeongchon and make friends but I'm still thoroughly enjoying myself. I'll do my best to get internet this week so I can get up some pics for you guys.



gracer said...

Finally! I've been waiting to hear from you! I really was worried about you! Weird huh?

I hope everything will turn out right soon. Until then, just savour the good stuff.

I'm hopefully coming soon, we should hang out while I'm in Seoul if I have training there.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I came across your blog through theblackeslteacher blog. I'll be arriving to Korea on the 28th.

Your comment about people touching your skin and saying how soft it was reminded me of my time in Japan. I lived there for a year and I was there all of last summer. While I was there during the summer, I had some women do that to me too! I remember one woman kind of stood up for me and said, "maybe you should stop touching her...that can be considered sexual harassment!" ^^

Anyway I enjoy reading your blog and keep on blogging!

Anonymous said...

That sounds good to me! I'll let you know when I get to Korea. I think Anyang is 50 minutes away by subway and 30 minutes away by bus from where I will be living.

Good luck with getting everything set up!