Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Quick update...

So I have been feeling a bit under the weather lately as well as a bit anti-social. I'm actually a very anti-social person by nature and enjoy being alone. But on the other hand I am also a human being who enjoys being with certain other human beings. But the last few days I have reverted back somewhat to my loner nature. This I must rectify to an extent.

Other than being a bit anti-social life has been ok. I went to Itaewon last weekend with a friend and some coworkers and met some really awesome people. The night is mostly a blur of dancing and laughing but somehow by the end of the night I think I found myself on hooker hill...I'm not really sure where I was so I grabbed the first taxi I saw and jetted back to good ol' Pyeongchon. Such a crazy night. I'm going to start taking pictures of these nights. My branch is having it's Hweshik tomorrow night which should be a doozy of a time. i am definitely bringing my camera with me then. Coworkers BEWARE!!!

Other than that not much is going on. I got my bed finally and have been enjoying it very much. Though I need to buy bedsheets next week when I get paid. I can't believe I have been in Korea for almost 2months now. It is crazy to go back and read the beginnings of this blog. I can't believe that this not-so-shy, anti-social, loud-mouth girl actually got her butt on a plane and jetsetted halfway across the world.



gracer said...

I'm in the same amazed boat. I can't imagine how I even managed the 16 hour flight alone!

Foreigner Joy said...

I think the best part of living here is that you are constantly amazed you are actually here.

Anyways are you free this Sunday? Either way we should meet up sometime. I am kinda a loner myself but touring the city can be kinda too lonely by yerself.


Foreigner Joy said...

Hey Kuri~

Sorry change of plans... I thought I was free Sunday but it turns out I am free if ya got time Saturday that would be great! Otherwise I guess we will have to meet up another time~~sorry ~sigh

Anyways big Korean holiday coming up~~!! :)

Foreigner Joy said...


I will let you know about the following weekend.

Anyways have a good day.


Tina said...

hey kristin! that's so awesome that you're in korea, and i love your pictures!

Foreigner Joy said...

Hi ya!

Yea I have been to Dongdaemon, and found it to be a frenzy of a shopping. But I don't know if I would go back because it is really dizzing trying to find what you need and for a good price since the clothes are so scattered about.

But there are many Doota like places around Seoul.

Anyways I will be free this Sunday and Monday if you had any ideas.


sha said...

holmes, wow, im pretty much a recluse myself, this explains why we dont really hang out :) But im always around, you know... *virtual hugs*