Saturday, November 15, 2008

Black Hair Care Response...

So I have gotten a few emails before about how I keep my hair here in Korea. For black women it is a big concern because not everyone knows how to correctly relax/do our hair. I brought one straightening perm with me. After that I got some info from another black expat about getting my hair done in the foreignor area of Seoul called Itaewon. I usually go there for perms or a trim. It is run by a few Korean women who know how to do black hair and there is one black lady. All of them speak pretty great English and they have pictures of people that they have as customers. They have the same products there that I used back home (motions, optimum care, etc.). All in all I haven't had any real problems getting my hair done. I normally use just regular shampoo to wash my hair myself and there are straightners and oil products everywhere.

If any other black future Korea workers need more info just let me know. I'll try to post pictures of different items that I have found to be really good at moisturizing and keeping my hair from breaking and such. Alot is just trial and error for me so see me as your guinea pig. Feel free to ask more questions. I'll try my best to answer them.


Anonymous said...

Hey kristen

I am a black woman who has the intention to go to Sk in a 1 1/2 years.So I was wondering what I was going to with my hair when I get there! so if you could post pictures and also put the adress it would be nice! thanks for the info!

thanks Marie

Foreigner Joy said...

!hey ya

Ya I wish my floor system worked. But I think the problem actually lies in the window~ kind of leaks air. So maybe the floor is warm...we will see.

Anyways, I will have to let you know about Sunday...myweekend is starting to take shape..not sure what is happening~

Foreigner Joy said...


Hey you still up for dinner Sunday... I would like to come.