Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quick Update!

Hello all. So things have been going pretty well here in Kristen-land. It's week 13 so we are getting ready to start a new term next week. That means having a brand new schedule. So now I am waiting for mine. I do know that unfortunately I have to work at 3-6pm on Sundays...sadness indeed. But I'm not sure about the rest of my schedule. Hopefully it will be a good one and I won't want to strangle my kids.

Leon is doing great. He's in Florida on a business trip now but we talk pretty much everyday when possible. I'm working on applying to grad schools back in the states for when I leave Korea in September. Who knows I might come back again. But only to teach in public school where I can actually get a vacation.

I might actually have a surprise to show the blogging world after this Sunday. As my coworker likes to say....I'M EXPECTING!!! Yup, I am going to have two new additions to my household. Now before people start to wonder, I'm not giving birth....I'm going to be picking up two fuzzy friends who will come to live with me=^^=

Uh oh, Cady better watch out, lol...

I have more pictures to upload but those will have to wait until after i get off work. Hope everyone is enjoying the not so warm weather!

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Foreigner Joy said...

Ooo new schedule ~ please have open Saturdays~~ hehe but maybe it will be a good change of pace.

Awe it is sad to read that you will be going in September. Time will fly fast~