Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So I am back again after another long break. Well in reality I didn't feel like blogging. But now I do.

My time here in Korea is quickly winding down. I purchased my plane ticket and am scheduled to leave good ol' kimchi-land September 12. I'm equal parts sad and excited. Sad because I have many good friends here whom I will miss dearly, but excited because I feel itchy and ready to return to school. I've found that I really do enjoy teaching. I don't know if I enjoy teaching just English or teaching in general. So that will be a chore of mine to figure out. I've begun applying to grad schools back home and will hopefully be back in school October 1 of this in a few weeks AFTER I get back into the U.S. Things will be very busy for me in the next two months. I'm not ruling out coming back to Korea though, so we will see. If certain things(job, school, personal, etc.) all work out then I will be staying in the U.S. But I am planning to save enough money to visit Korea and Japan in the Spring od 2010.

So what has been going on with me lately? Well my title as Head Instructor has been winding down. It really does make me sad which no one really seems to get, but hey. It's first and foremost a business.

I'm planning a weekend beach trip with some friends to a coworker's hometown on the east coast which should be awesome. I haven't been to the beach in years and I am really excited to get out of Seoul/Gyeonggi finally. It only took me....13months, lol. I'm planning on doing more sightseeing in general expecially now that I finally got my camera battery. So I can begin taking pictures....and posting regularly.

I have a few backlogged posts to publish so those will be coming up soon. I promise!!!


Why am I here??? said...

How time flies!!! I remember meeting you in Gangnam for lunch and it doesn't seem like a year away!!

Foreigner Joy said...

Even if you don't come back it has been a pleasure knowing you. ^^ good luck on your next step. I hope that boy back home has come to his senses..hehe