Monday, September 7, 2009

And so it ends...

I have been not so strangely absent again, mostly because I have begun my preparations to return home to the states. I leave this Saturday morning on a long ass flight with my dog back to my...homeland. I've been hanging out with many people, visiting what I can, taking so many pictures that my camera dies at least twice a day. And I promis there will still be more posts for me to put up once I have more time.

I'd have to say that overall I have enjoyed my time here in Kimchi-land. And depending on what happens when I return home maybe Korea will be in my future again. There are many things that I would change if it were up to me but it isn't....and that is probably for the best. I met so many great people here and had many many great experiences that I can share with family and friends back home. I am hoping to return for a week or so in the Spring for a dear friend's wedding so I will be seeing some of you when I return=^^=


Foreigner Joy said...

The kimchi will miss you.

Kristen said...

And I will most definitely miss the kimchi=^^=