Friday, April 25, 2008

I am 1/4 finished with the last exams of my undergrad career. THANK GAHD!!! I have my Chinese exam at 3pm today and then my Theater exam tomorrow afternoon. After that my last one for Japanese is next Thursday. I'm so happy to almost be done with everything. Now I just need to begin the packing process in earnest. I'll be moving back in with my mom before I leave for Korea so I can save money. Especially with the hour cuts that just happened at my job. In the next two weeks I'm only getting about 10hrs work time. There is no way that I can manage to pay for everything with so little working hours so I am considering getting a second part time job. I would really rather spend most of my time with my young nieces and nephews and my parents and friends but I might just have to forfeit that to finance everything.

I finally figured out where the nearest precinct to me is so I can finally get my background check done. Is it bad that I had no idea where the police station was?

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My name is Joy said...

I tried leaving a comment earlier and I don't know if it worked. You left a comment on my blog. Anyways, isn't this change in life exciting! I graduated from college last year and had the idea of doing this but didn't know if it would come true.

Anyways I leave for Seoul May 22 and will be living on the eastern side of Seoul. I thought it was the western but it the eastern. Actually I still don't understand the direction. Anyways it is in Gangdong part of Seoul and at a YBM school.

I see you got into CDI. I had an interview with them...but chose this other one because of location and other reasons.

Anyways I look forward to reading your blog.