Sunday, April 27, 2008

11 days and counting...

I had a great weekend full of relaxing and hilarious quotes by friends. There are so many people I will miss when we graduate and everyone goes their separate ways. Thankfully two of my girl friends are planning to come visit me in Korea. But I will miss our margarita nights. Not to mention the guy friend I met through my boyfriend. I'd have to say senior year of college has been my best year as far as my ENTIRE school career is concerned. I've met so many wonderful new people who have made it a blast.

Only 11 days to go before I am officially a college alum. I have been feeling a bit anxious about it lately. Becoming a "real" adult. So strange. There are so many things I still need to do. The background check continues to elude me but I believe tomorrow will be the day. All I have to do is study for a bit, separate clothing, clean out my desk and get the background check. For the next few days my motto is "REST WHEN YOU DIE!!!"

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My name is Joy said...

Thought I let ya know that I got my statewide criminal background check done at a UPS store. There is a link on my blog that might show you official places in your state where you can go get the background check. Also there are 2 steps:
1. Get it
2. Get is Apostilled.

Maybe ya know all this but thought I let ya know because I remember when I went through I called so many places and heard a dozen different things!
Good luck!