Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Senioritis is hitting me quite hard. I remember at one point in time I used to get up hours before my class to go to the gym and get all dressed since you never know who you might meet in class. Well of course you knew who was there but maybe someone would wake up a great deal cuter than they were the day before and would find you the most interesting creature in that small stuffy room. That rarely ever happened. But I suppose that is the mentality of many of the girls here. I mean, what is the point in having a full face of makeup at 8am? I doubt many guys are really paying that much attention. They're the ones still half asleep.

I'm so tired now I can barely muster the will to go to class. But I only have about...6 days left of actual classes. I can make it I think. It's not like I really have a choice if I want to graduate. Meh, bump worrying about class, it's time for a nap...

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