Monday, April 28, 2008

Yay for my new shiny passport...

So after only about 2 weeks I have received my shiny, crisp new passport. Thank goodness for nice postal workers who told me not to bother paying to have it expedited. I also went to the police station today(after fighting with a few random one way streets) and got my background check. I had been told by some that it would take 1-5days to have it completed. I don't know if this was because of possible records people may have had because it only took me about 15minutes to get mine. 15 minutes and $13.00 just to have a NO RECORD stamp on a piece of paper. Craziness. So now I need to go to my State Clerk and get it apostilled. The only problem is that there are massive renovations going on downtown so the office has been moved...somewhere. -sigh- But I will find it.

I finally received my contract and date of departure. I fly out from the U.S. July 14 and training starts July 16. Now that I finally have a date I have a set goal and schedule for myself. I am still considering getting a second part time job if the hours at my current one don't increase.

I have realized that I haven't included too much about the technical procedures and whatnot that I have been having to do so I figured I would include some of those now for anyone who happens across here and is considering teaching in Korea or anywhere else abroad.

My search for teaching English abroad actually began in Japan. I've studied Japanese for 5years so I figured that logically that would be where I would head first. I had planned to study Korean in university but I was tricked and found out when I got here that it wasn't offered. So after two of my friends went to Korea to teach English for CDI I decided I would turn my attentions there after not getting into the JET Program.

Through them I got in touch with a recruiter for CDI and sent my resume and photo. After that I had an initial phone interview and then one with a coordinator for CDI. I suppose they heard something in me that they liked because I was offered employment and got an initial contract stating my hourly pay that I opted for, everything I would be reimbursed for including my flight and apartment deposit and my guaranteed minimum weekly hours. After signing that and emailing it back I received my complete contract complete with stipulations about tardies, dress code and consequences for any violations. I also received a list of what I need to send to them to get the code for my visa:

1) Original University Diploma
2) 2 Sealed transcripts
3) 4 Passport sized photos
4) Copy of my passport
5) Background check with the seal of Apostille

I also have two more forms to print off, sign, scan and email back to the coordinator so I can receive my visa pin. Unfortunately(or maybe fortunately???) the closest Korean Embassy to me is in Atlanta, GA. So whenever I receive that then I will be taking a minor roadtrip to get a cute little stamp in my passport. After that I will begin the massive task of packing my entire life into 2-3 suitcases to be shipped to Korea.

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