Friday, May 23, 2008

Waiting Game

Work this week thankfully went by rather quickly. I was only supposed to be getting 4.5hrs of work (damnit) but a coworker got really sick and was out so I filled in. I needed the money big time so it was all good. But I really just feel like I'm in this waiting process. I like the job I do...scratch that, I like my coworkers, the products and a few of the loyal customers we have. Everyone else can jump off a bridge. But I just want to finish and start my new job. The feelings won't make me perform any worse at my job but it is just a general feeling of "What the hell am i still doing here?" But I did just mail my paperwork which should be at CDI by next Monday and then sometime in the next 3 weeks i will be heading to the Korean Consulate in Atlanta to get my visa.

I've barely gotten a start on the whole getting rid of stuff thing. I need to do better about that fairly soon. I'm just kind of sentimental about random junk I have collected over the years. Something about being afraid to fully let go of the past and such. Meh, gotta let that stuffs go byebye for the most part. Right now it is all just sitting in various closets and under beds.

Other than working a little and trying to clean not much has been going on. Thinking too much about everything as usual. Thought I was starting to get sick but I think I just wasn't drinking enough water. Cooked dinner for my boyfriend, Leon, last night then went bowling for a little. Planning a picnic tomorrow so trying to figure out what food I need to and can afford to buy as well as who all is coming. I'm working on not thinking/worrying as much as I have been. It's good to have some sort of plan about things but many times I just do pointless worrying about anything and everything. I have made an effort to cease with worrying that does nothing but give me a headache.

It's a beautiful day so I should go take advantage of that for a while...


My name is Joy said...


I felt the same when I was at my full time job in Sf. I enjoyed the fact that I was getting some money before I left but I really just wanted to get to the next step in my life. All I have to say is that time will fly by and this part of the process will seem like nothing. Hey I worried my butt off sometimes too and ya just got to take it as the whole package.

Heck I am here in Korea in my hotel and feeling shy about going out and buying some things because there is a language barrier you feel right away. But its not devastating.

Anyways keep yourself busy and organized and it should go by.That is what helped me keep sanity..haha~!

Why am I here??? said...

Hey Kristen,

Wonderful blog!!!! I can't wait to read about your Korean adventures. When is your start date and where will you be living? Is your bf coming with?