Friday, June 20, 2008

Meh...and such

'Meh' is something I find myself saying many times a day. Especially on days where time has seemed to creep by. I can no longer sleep past 8am so I usually get most of my chores and errands done by noon. Today was no exception. I was awoken by the garbage truck a little after 8am and figured I'd get an early start on my errands. Went by work...well my ex-work since I no longer receive any hours to work and then met my mom at her job for an early lunch of chicken, tomato and green pepper yummy. After taking a couple boxes from her work I went to the post office to mail some books i sold online. Stopped by my great grandmother's house and then came home hoping to find my visa confirmation in my email. No dice. So still waiting for that.

In not so happy news my mother is trying to get me to consider pushing my departure date until August for financial reasons. I'm not too sure if that is even possible. I doubt my finances would be any better a month later, especially not with having to pay for gas. And since I am currently out of work I want to get up and out as soon as possible. I may have everything ready (ie. flight, luggage, other needed items) by the end of the weekend, though I'm a bit iffy on accepting that source of financial input. Though since it is just for my pride's sake I should make it shut up and accept the kind gesture. If not I may find myself still sitting here in a month's time...


My name is Joy said...


I was tight on money before I left, just so that I had enough to live on while I am here. Having no income is always a life stresser. Have you considered temp work from a temp may help bring in extra dough. Or even babysitting..may get ya into the familiarity with kids.
Anyways, hope some sunshine comes your way!

Andy M said...

I find myself saying "meh" a lot lately as well, mainly with things that don't need any serious thought, or with things i don't/can't deal with right now. Almost to the point where my nice "easy going" style comes across as passive-aggressive. lol

Definitely has something to do with me having enough of Korea, and knowing that I'm leaving in 4 months.