Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So tomorrow is pretty much my last day at work. After almost a year of working my manager(who I have been feeling likes me less and less) gave me absolutely NO hours for work next week. Despite the fact that my official last day was supposed to be July1. Awesome. Then again I have been growing tired of the never ending workplace drama. And I want more time to spend with Leon and my family BUUUUUUUT nothing can be accomplished without money...which I no longer have...for anything. Maybe I should do a few amateur nights in our small red light district.

Another worry for me is my dog's declining health. Tonight out of no where he can barely walk, crazy discharge, is very distressing to me. My dog is 14yrs old. The reason I haven't thought about taking him(other than him weighing 70lbs) is because I don't want him to get stressed because of his age. I've had my dog, Jazz, since he was a fat little puppy. I know that pets don't live as long as people but i never ever really gave thought to my dog not being around. Even though he is sick now I still can't imagine Jazz not being there. It's amazing how animals become such an important part of your life.

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