Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Awake at 5am

Ok hopefully sometime soon I can get my sleeping schedule to fix itself. Jetlag is no joke. Back home I pretty much followed a schedule Where I went to sleep right after I finished talking to Leon because many times he was out of town on business. I'd be in bed by 11pm or so and be up around 9am depending. Yeah, that isn't working here. I was going to take a nap and wait for D to get off work at 10pm and then head out for the night on the town BUT when I got her phone call at 10:30pm I was already firmly in the grips of sleep so I was the party pooper of the night. Then I woke up at 1am...again. Thankfully I managed to fall back to sleep pretty quickly but then I woke up again at 5am. Really going to work on this whole sleep thing in earnest today. If I nap then only during the day right after training and then up until 1am.

At least this morning I have things to do this early. I have to prepare 4 lesson plans for our mock teaching this afternoon. I usually don't enjoy standing in front of people my age and older but I suppose I should get used to that now...damnit. I have about 2 1/2 lessons done so time to get crackin on the other 2.

Yesterday was a pretty good day though. My parents and Leon finally figured out how to call my Korean cellphone and I enjoyed my first taste of soju in Korea. Though since it was on an empty stomach it only took me and a coworker 1 1/2 bottles to get a bit tipsy so we decided to head out for food. We ended up going to a restaurant that was a Korean version of italian pizza and pasta. Honestly it wasn't very good for the price but the service was great. After that I just crashed and party pooped. I'm starting to get a bit worried about finding a place to live. I'm being encouraged to move out to Pyeongchon but I don't know if I want to yet. I like the area I'm in now but it is way too expensive and the living price in Pyeongchon is cheaper. I don't mind commuting like 30mins since that is what I had to do at home but I don't want to be too far. We shall see.

I have pictures that I've taken that I need to post but I still can't find my camera cord. I'll post them soon. Especially the ones of where I am staying. The place is awesomeness=^^=


My name is Joy said...


Sounds familiar waking up that early. I think what helped me adjust was going to bed when I felt tired instead of doing some kind of activity...this may have meant I went to bed at 6pm. hehehe

anyways look around for a place and get a few options...cheap doesn't mean bad...just not fancy...i guess.

Erin said...

Thanks for your sweet comment. I've really been enjoying reading your blog because it gives me an idea of what to expect in a month or so.

I'm pretty close to signing a contract with a school in Jukjeon, Yongin-si. There are just a couple details I need to get worked out but hopefully will be arriving around August 27... We should definitely try to get together at some point! :)