Monday, July 14, 2008

Awake at 6am

So I've been here for just a little over a day and I'm already having fun. I'm the only girl at the hotel where some of us from CDI are being housed but the other guys are awesome. My hotel room which I actually think is an officetel is pretty sweet. I did a little video to show you guys since I can't find my camera's cord to attach it to my computer. I'll upload that later today.

I met up with my friend TY yesterday to get a phone and a T-card. I also had my orientation yesterday which went ok. I have training all week though I do have tomorrow morning off so hopefully I can get my bank account set up to transfer the rest of my american money over. It is god awafully humid here. My hair as gone crazy and I'm too tired to fix it as of yet. I have explored a bit. Went to technomart yesterday where I got my phone and then had 'bulgogitang' not sure how to spell it but it was really good. After that I just came back and crashed though I now wish I would have met up with D again to make myself conform to normal hours. Also went to Lotte mart yesterday. Lord it was a mad house but I did enjoy trying all the samples. Now I kind of know what I want to buy for food when I go back. I've slightly figured out how to navigate the Gangnam station and green line which I did with TY yesterday but the bus system is another story. Met two girls on the plane and in the airport that I exchanged email with and one girl J is near me and she called last night so hopefully we will meet up soon. I haven't yet noticed being stared at though I did have a taxi driver ignore me when I wanted a ride. Didn't really bother me though since that has happened to me more than once in New York and I quickly found another taxi driver who was so nice and helped me out although he didn't speak english and I don't speak korean so we used hand signals. Other than being tired from jetlag everything here is pretty friggin sweet.

Now I have to get ready for training though so shouts out to everyone and hopefully meet up with you all sometime in the near future.


Tuttle said...

Glad you made it!
I have been following your blog; I am about six weeks behind you.

Keep blogging!

Joia said...

Wow!!! Welcome!! Can't wait to read about all about your adventures! I know how crazy things will be for a little bit but you can email me anytime!