Friday, July 4, 2008

One step closer...

So I scheduled an interview for next Tuesday morning at the Korean Consulate. I'll be able to pick up my passport with my visa inside that Wednesday afternoon. After I have that I'll just have to finish packing and get the last bit of info on how in the hell I'm getting to wherever the hell I'm going and I'll be set. Actually I never realized how much you can fit into a suitcase. I've already put in about 3/4 of the stuff I am taking in one suitcase and it is only 35lbs! Kind of UH-mazing. I need to have most of my stuff already packed or at least organized to be packed by this Sunday because I'll be in Atlanta from Monday until Thursday morning. So much to do and I'm not even sure what I'm doing....meh.

I'm finally actually getting myself mentally ready to be away from everything that makes me comfortable for a year. It helps to already have friends in Seoul, especially one friend, B, who is from Seoul and will help me by translating until she goes back to the US. Then D and T who work at the same company I do though not the same branch. I've already had one crying night earlier this week but I think when I see Leon go down to his side of the airport and truly realize that I won't see him until next January, I'll probably be a sad little Kristen listening to sad Vietnamese ballads until I finally pass out on the 14hour plane ride.


Blastin said...

Hi Kristen.

Found you browsing through expat sites etc. I've my own, which you can click on through my name.

But anyway, good luck with this last stretch, which is always up and down emotionally (I certainly went through it). I'm in Daegu myself, but I've friends up there that I visit on occasion. If your work situation ends up treating you well (and even with research done, one only knows once you're settled in), you should have a wonderful time.

Suppose I'll talk to you soon.


My name is Joy said...

I was a nervous reck before I left for here. So just try to take a deep breath and take in the amazing transformation you are going through.