Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pyeongchon here i come...

So I found out I will be working in Pyeongchon. I got really confused about whether or not i will be going to Gangnam for training first or not so I need to email that question. I'm a little more excited now that I have some idea of where I'll be working and I have my plane ticket and have started packing and storing items. I'll be working in Pyeongchon but not sure where I will live yet. But I was told the area was cheaper than central Seoul and since i am broke, then that is a good thing...for now.


Anonymous said...

feel like writing for us?

write to editor@expat-advisory.com

gracer said...

I'll be living in Daejeon so it doesn't sound too close. Too bad, I'd like to have coffee with others sometime. And I'm kinda worried about cutting it too close for the visa code. You think it'll be cutting it close if I didn't even go to Toronto to meet the consul yet? I'm getting antsy.

gracer said...

I'll let you know as soon as I touch KOrean soil and am in the mix. I know for a fact that I'll be spending alot of time in and around Seoul anyways cus I know there is an american apparel there somewhere! We can meet up then!

My name is Joy said...

when house hunting I would make sure about things like:
Air conditioning
make sure to look and see if there is a bad mold condition. Some mold is acceptable, but everywhere no!

Anyways you are always welcome to get in touch with me and I can be of some help too.