Sunday, July 13, 2008


That's right I called you a ho....just kidding. But I did finally arrive in Seoul last night after a long ass flight where I almost missed my flight to Korea because the flight to Japan was a bit behind schedule. But thankfully I arrived. When I got here I definitely passed out in the cab but was wide awake when I got to the hotel. Whish is a good thing because somehow they put me down as being a guy and had paired me with another guy in the program....yeah totally a chick. So last night I got my own room but they are going to switch me I think to share with another girl in the program. Damn I wish I could've stayed alone. But oh well. Met up with my friend D as soon as I got in and figured out how to use the phone and my international calling card(took me 45mins...seriously). We headed out to the Gangnam area and grabbed a bite to eat and then some ice cream before coming back to my place and watching some tv until 3am. Forced myself to sleep for a few hours but now I am right back up again. I'm probably going to crash tonight from lack of sleep...but I'm also meeting up with my friend TY to go get a cellphone and bank account.

I still can't believe I am here! Granted it has only been a few hours. But still! UH-mazing, Well time to get ready for training, the medical exam and then finding my way back from that. I got a card from the hotel so I could catch a cab if I needed which is great. I honestly don't mind shelling out $$$ on a cab to get least not until I can get a cellphone and maybe let people know that I am wandering around lost.

This little country girl just got to the big city! SEOUL!!!


My name is Joy said...


Enjoying the heat??

It is exciting to know you are just a train ride away!

I hope we meet up someday ;)

gracer said...

Awesome! I'm totally living vicariously through you until I get there! Please please, pretty please update as much as possible so I know how you are doing!

Congratulations and have fun!