Saturday, August 16, 2008

A small rant...and then pictures

I am not usually one who is prone to ranting and raving about anything. I prefer to be chill and let things I dislike just fall to the side. However, I have one big issue with people in general. People meet me, and even before we have one conversation, they assume that they know every aspect of my personality. Painting me into a box is a quick way to get on my bad side. Especially if you ignorantly reveal said box to me. I haven't really had any Korean people try to stereotype me at all. There was the one guy who called me Miss HipHop, and one guy for some reason thought I was from idea why. But truthfully most of the stereotyping and ignorance has come from some in the expat community.

Yes...I'm black...African-American...-all scream in fear and hide their watermelon-. But does that really tell you who I am? Well let's look at some of the stereotypes:

1) I'm on welfare.
-No. Quite the opposite. When my parents divorced my mom had pretty much no money, however to the best of my knowledge not once did she accept a welfare check. She worked hard and is now happily living on the level of the upper-middle class. Now I'm not saying that everyone in the system is lazy. Some are very hard-working people who are just trying to make a life for their children.

2) I have too many kids and don't know the 'Baby-Daddy'.
-This is a phenomenon I simply have no concept of. For one, it's called use birth control or other items to keep yourself from getting pregnant and for two...honestly I just don't like enough people at one time for that to happen.

3) I love fried chicken.
- Sorry KFC, sorry Popeye's, I actually really dislike fried chicken...oops.

4) I'm lazy.
-Contrary to belief black people have been working hard for centuries. Who the hell was it working in the fields?! How this laziness came about I do not know. But I do know that I for one refuse to live off of anyone's charity. I am my mother's child. I dislike asking for help, and I am just fine working for what I want. I am no one's lap dog.

5) Only black people fit into the above mentioned categories.
-I know so many lazy white people, lazy Chinese people, lazy Indian people, etc. who fit into one or all of these categories. It's ridiculous. My Japanese friend could be standing beside me, eating fried chicken, a baby strapped to her back and hugging her leg with her welfare check in her hand and a person would never lump her in those categories. She'd be seen as a traditional stay at home mom who happens to enjoy fried chicken...

...asses. So none of these stereotypes tell you who I am as a person. I sincerely believe stereotyping gets in the way of actually learning how to interact with other people. I'm not saying that black people don't do this too. I've been stereotyped the worst at times by my own people. 'I use a perm' 'My favorite food is Japanese food' 'I didn't go to an HBCU' 'I'm not black enough'...I hate when I am told that last one. There are so many aspects to African-American culture to be proud of. We are such a diverse people. Putting ourselves in a box is not only detrimental to our community, it is also impossible and thankfully so.

So if you ever see me walking down the street, stop for a chat. But do not assume that I know about 50Cents newest album, or that I have read any books especially written for African-Americans. Have I? Yes. Feel free to ask about those things. But do not assume right away. To assume is to make an ASS out of U and ME. And I don't hesitate to put people in their place these days.

So now after that rant, on to some pictures I took last night of my festivities. This mama is great. Her food on hogwan-ga is sooooooo good right after teaching for 6hrs straight. And she speaks great English. Her sister lives in the USA I believe.

So NaiNai and I are like an old married couple sometimes...yeah but totally straight, lol. No we were not drunk. Just imitating our well loved manager who sometimes looks like he hates his life...oh LukeLai we love you!!!

So I realized that somehow my other pics got deleted...but I do have this one. I am standing in Bomgye. I will take Korea by storm. When I leave they won't know what hit them!!!


Khamela said...

I totally agree with you about the stupid stereotypes. I think your blog is really cool^^

Anonymous said...

Yes, your blog is way cool, and you are too!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness...I COULDN'T HAVE SAID IT BETTER MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!

*gives two thumbs up* ^_^

Supa Fly said...

it's a trip how it's other expats who make me cringe but koreans overall give me no problems. and i LOVE that lady on hogwan-ga, she's sweet as pie!

gracer said...

I've never actually had direct instances of racism or stereotypical profiling, but I have had indirect phrases said to me about being Asian or Filipino. I feel that if as long as you know yourself, they can say whatever they want.