Monday, August 18, 2008

Yay for days off...

So I am in the process of mad cleaning. It is another battle between me and the dustbunnies from hell as well as the fruit flies. I have no food in my apartment but I have random fruit flies...ugh. So I am taking out any and all trash I have today, doing laundry, cleaning my bathroom...-sigh- I'm used to cleaning buuuuuut....I'm gonna hire a maid. I know, I know how lazy of me. But honestly I don't care. I can afford to and I'm tired of coming home to fight a war with distbunnies when I've barely finished fighting the war with my kids. So by next week I will be hiring a maid to clean my apartment once a week.

I will also have a new love in my life starting this Sunday. I am adopting a dog. The circumstances in which I'm getting her are quite sad and I honestly wish they would have been different but...yeah. I have never adopted a pet that was older than a pup, or kitten so I am nervous about whether or not this dog will take to me. I hope so.

Well for now it is back to the struggle that is me cleaning. I'm meeting a new friend later today for lunch and maybe later tonight for noraebang so it should be a fun day.



Foreigner Joy said...


So I have a question..
Do you like working for CDI? I am considering changing schools and so doing some asking around. My only put off is that you have to work saturdays... have sunday-monday off...what do ya think?

Anonymous said...


Just a thought: (social networking website for expatriates) might be interesting for you and your readers..

You might want to add it to your links page as well.
good luck


Anonymous said...

Maybe you could add a frequently asked questions link. Sometimes people may ask similar questions. Anyway, I am thinking of teaching ESL in S. Korea. Which recruiter did you use and why did you choose them? There's so many. Have any suggestions on opportunities in ESL for those with graduate degrees? Thank you!