Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So insomnia has been kicking me in the ass lately. I remember a time where I could actually sleep before 4-5am and wake up around 9am to get things done...that time is apparently over. I actually tried to go to sleep around 1am last night...next thing I knew it was 3:30am so I decided to just text my boyfriend, Leon, who then called me. Something about his voice always relaxes me and then I can fall asleep, which is what ended up happening. Tried to wake up this morning around 10am which didn't happen. But I did manage to get up by 11:30am so that is a start. Small battles to win the war.

Other than lack of sleeping things are good. Planning on cooking a lovely feast of curry on Thursday since I actually have the day off. Also planning on going shopping for some fall/winter clothes. I think I might venture out to COEX for the second time ever. I usually go to Dongdaemon for some shopping but it is so far and I'm so lazy, lol.

It is a beautiful day but have I been outside? NO. Why? Too busy prepping for the rest of the week and trying to wake up. But I think today I will actually walk to work. Walking takes about 35-40mins but it is so nice a day and since I have a full schedule I won't get to see it when I get off work. In other work news my kids have started drawing me pictures on the board. They are so cute and funny so I told them I would take pictures of them everytime. Here are a few:

My students sometimes drive me crazy but I love those rugrats. They make teaching for 6hours straight not so bad.


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Foreigner Joy said...

I hear ya! teaching for 6 or more hours straight drains the life outta me.

Ah well~ I too find comfort in the kids and how they make me laugh. hehe

When are you going to COEX?