Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back in the action of life...

So I have been gone for a bit straightening things out on my side. No I didn't discover the meaning of life or anything. But I did find a small measure of peace. As weird as it is for me to say at least my love life is back on track. Work is no where near as crazy as it could be. In that regard I send best wishes to you Joy. I hope things will go at least a small bit more smoothly than they have been. The middle-schoolers have exams so I have a bit of a breather this week and only half of the classes as before. It'll be a bit of a pay cut but at least I get a small vacation and time to destress. I got hit with a migraine last week when I still had an hour of class left. And I had my two loudest classes to deal with. Needless to say my head was pounding and I was going to strangle someone's child. But I didn't and went home to pass out.

I've been making some friends while I was gone to help me pass the time. I was talking to one of my friends about Korean guys. Being a Korean man himself he gave me some interesting information about what's going on in their minds. I haven't made many Korean girl friends except for one or two at my school. I have made friends with some cab drivers, lol. They like to tell me how different I am.

The weather has changed. It is no longer unbearably hot and humid. We had a good rain and just like that the weather turned cool...boredering on cold really. It is an interesting change. In TN we have a really gradual shift into fall. Here it seems like winter will be here in the next week. It will be interesting to see a real winter and snow. I look forward to it. But for now I should stop rambling and find some dinner. Hope everyone has had a good weekend!


gracer said...

Glad to see you back.

gracer said...

Me teaching at a hagwon isn't as bad as Joy has it. Poor girl. I'm blessed to know that I have a good staff supporting me. I have been given a good apartment and have been treated as a precious component to the school.

I do feel lonely sometimes, but that is only cus I just got here and I haven't been about really.

ryan said...

Hey...I stumbled on your page. Where in Pyeongchon are you living? I'm in Anyang too...but near Myeonghak'd be great to finally have a non-Korean friend...haha :D
Ryan :)

Foreigner Joy said...

Hi ya!

Okay okay my situation is in the pits. But it actually could be worse... never getting paid..asked to work more hours...

I am just trying to get outta it and into a public school.

~Anyways I am curious as to what Korean men think about too, considering I am dating one.

But I think I have an understanding of what my man thinks about. Whether that means all Korean men think like him...well I dunno.

Anyways glad to see ya finding comfort here.

Yea winter seems like it is here..but now it is just a bit warmer during the day.