Friday, November 28, 2008

Another post so soon=^^=

So I seem to be getting better at regularly posting...or trying to post anyway. Especially now that I have more days off from work and the middle-schoolers are once again getting ready for exams. I've also been working out alot more now that I have more time and even spotted some eye candy at the gym. Aerobics teacher with very nice arms...I'm a sucker for arms. One of the reasons why I love looking at Leon...heehee...only one. I'm also getting more and more excited. Leon will be here in about 3weeks and 2 days. I'm so excited. I've missed him so much it is insane. Never would I have thought that I could live somewhere else for an extended period of time while still in a relationship. It's very tough but that makes it so much sweeter when we talk or webcam.

I'm also getting happier because I have been feeling really down lately. Part of it is feeling a bit neglected by friends/coworkers in some ways. Maybe not neglected so much as overlooked. Everyone sees me as this slightly boyish girl. A tomboy if you will. And it is a BIT true. I'm not the girliest girl ever. However, it is also a sore spot for me. I have always been the tallest of my girlfriends. The one who has lots of male friends but never really looked at as someone dateable. It gave me an insecurity about that. Being in Korea with all of the itty bitty, princess girls doesn't exactly make me feel the best. Though I definitely have no desire to be one of the high voiced, need a man type women that my coworkers/guy friends rag on...though interesting fact that they still date them. Regardless it gets a bit annoying hearing your guy friends talk about how this girl or that girl is hot. It leaves me feeling frumpy and unattractive. Though obviously I have to be some kind of cute to have attracted a hot boyfriend=^^=

But other than that I think I have hit a point where I am so unbelievably homesick. I had a breakdown moment a few nights ago. After sitting outside at a park until 4am I talked to Leon. Well cried for a good length of time while discussing missing my friends and family, not having a large support system, missing waking up beside him and resurfacing insecurities. The talk just reaffirmed even more why I love him so much. After a while I couldn't tell if I was crying or laughing and finally had the best sleep I have had in a while. I have to be strong for at least 3weeks...

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Foreigner Joy said...

I hear you!! I think the sinking weather also has something to do with homesickness.

But when I worked at the hagwon my coteachers were really girly types. And went around yipping and yapping about their shoes and necklaces. I wanted to shoot myself or jump off the railing. But I just watched them and sneered. Not all of them were that way, but the ones who weren't couldn't help but be dragged into it.

It is important to remember that as an expat we go through up and down times. Sometimes loving our life here and other times wondering What the heck!!??

Also I would like to point out that some of the foreigner guys I have met here aren't exactly the cream of the crop from back home. To me they seem like the frat boys who haven't grown up yet.

Anyways, you got a neighbor out here who wishes you all the best!

Oh and Emart is Evil... I went there 3 times this week..what the ***??