Monday, November 3, 2008

Been a bit...

So after I ran into Jennifer( at Dongdaemon and was persuaded with physical means I am finally updating my blog again, lol. Well there was no arm twisting this time but who knows about next time. It was great to see her again and see the gorgeous ring on her finger, lol. You look great hun AND wearing my favorite color=^^=

So I have been having a crazy helluva time. I went to Everland last week for my last birthday HURRAH before going back to the humdrum of life. Rode everything until my stomach threatened to drop out of my ass, ate such bad food and laughed more than I have in a while. Though honestly a good bit of my time was spent screaming my head off. I rode all the rollercoasters, bumber cars, was so nice to act like a kid again. After that settled back down and have just been working/going to the gym, relaxing, etc. This past sunday my company had a branchwide bowling tournament. We got 3rd but regardless it was so much fun. I had a blast and have realized how much I love bowling in my free-time. Hopefully I'll find people to keep it up on the weekends.

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Why am I here??? said...

Likewise Kristen!!!! Thanks for the shoutout on your blog. I look forward to reading more updates (hehe) and next time there just might be some arm twisting going on!!!!

Time sure is flying!! Glad to see you're having a blast in Korea. You'll have even more of a blast when your bf comes ;) Enjoy your time together.

I'm going to throw a Christmas party at my place. Please come and bring your friend that I met. Won't be for about a month. But I'm sure that will creep up on us too.