Tuesday, October 21, 2008


One thing that amazes me...though not necessarily in a good way is how often people come and go here. I work at a hogwan so of course the main purpose of the company is to make money. It's a business afterall. But some of the things the business does makes no sense what so ever. And because of that and other reasons teachers have been leaving quite a bit. Or finishing their contracts and not looking back.

I'm someone who can get quite attached to the right people and so the thought of them leaving anytime soon saddens me. A friend gave me advice that I have been really hesitant to take. She told me not to get too attached to anyone here. That things change on a daily basis and one day I'll wake up and they'll be gone. As much as I dislike the thought of closing myself off to people it is something that I keep in mind. To not be so sad when people I have come to call friends decide to move on from this place. One day I will do the same and move on from this place. When that happens I will take my memories and experiences with me and hopefully I will have made some kind of impact on the people I leave...


Foreigner Joy said...

Hi ya~

I think you can still get attached to people, because making pals is a good thing. Just know that they could stay or go, it is their life.

For me leaving my job, I am going to miss the kids more than my coworkers. They were more forgiving when I was feeling down.

gracer said...


About the CDI Daejeon Bowling Competition, I have no idea that was going on. But I'll ask around and find out! I I suck ass but I love bowling!

As for my phone number, if you want it so that we could hang out one day in Seoul (probably a weekend) please email me. I would totally love to hang out.

AviEllé said...

my name is AviElle' and I'm an English teacher here in Korea. I was reading your blog and saw that you went to Itaewon to get your hair done. Where did you go? It's about that time for me to get my hair done and I haven't been able to find anyone.