Thursday, February 26, 2009

Butterfinger Pancakes

So Heather, Dawn and I took advantage of some half days and decided to get a western-style breakfast. After a few false starts we finally decided to head to Butterfinger Pancakes in Gangnam-gu. At first we thought the food would be tiny for the price. MAN we were very pleasantly surprised. The vibe of the place is awesome. Like a good ol' American diner I remember going to with my mom when I was younger. Seating didn't take very long but we did have to wait a bit for our food to come out.

After we got the food we were happy with the portions as evident by our before...

...and after photos. We were happily full and Heather and I ended up going back to my place and going back to sleep for an hour before work. I think we have found a happy new hang out/get fat eating everything place.

Now that I have a new camera I plan on taking loads more photos and now that I have more time I plan on getting out more to see things. I promise to have more pics soon!!!

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Foreigner Joy said...

Wahhhh~! I think you went to their second store...where exactly was that? Hey take me next time!!! oh gawed it is heavenly there..