Thursday, March 5, 2009

Smokey Saloon

So lately I have been enjoying myself by eating my way around Seoul. So the next few posts will probably be about food and other food related events, lol. So today's post is about the amazing Smokey Saloon. The one I normally go to is located on Posco-sagori down the street from COEX/Hyundai Dept. Store. They also have stores located in Itaewon behind Hamilton Hotel and in Apkujeong.I have been to this place a few times and always enjoyed. As you can see from this lovely candid photo taken by Heather.

The burgers are UH-MAZING!!! Joy I really will have to take you here if you haven't been. I have yet to manage to get a picture before I have eaten some of the burger because i am always too hungry. In addition to the great burgers they have these sloppy fries(chili, cheese, onions....yumminess). Truly a great eatery and the prices aren't too bad for the food that you get. Waaaaay better than McDonald's quality. Be sure to try it!


Foreigner Joy said...

When it comes to burgers I don't go near McD's. I wait till I am at Kraze burger or some place like this.

Yes let's get together finally and go.

Sorry I wasn't around last time.

Erin said...

That restaurant looks amaaazing!!