Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Back home...

So I am back home in Nashville, TN after a loooong 21hr flight. Unfortunately there are no straight flights to Tennessee. I went from Seoul--->Tokyo--->SLC Utah--->Nashville. All this was done with my 6mnth old puppy Bella. But surprisingly she was a gem and kept quite the whole time. I had a 4hr layover in Utah so I had time to go walk her outside. I got into BNA around 9pm and met my mom and Leon there. After that we collected all my bags and drove home. After going back out for a quick bite to eat at IHOP I came back home and went straight to bed.

I've been out and about visiting family members, mostly my grandmothers and getting things together for my next move. I had a meeting with the admissions director at Lipscomb Uni. for my graduate school application. I had my interview and turned everything in except for my last recommendation from my undergrad professor. Hopefully if all goes well I will begin my graduate work October 1.

Although I'm no longer in Korea I still have more pictures and posts to do once I can sit down longer than 5mins. I've decided to keep this blog up and who knows, I might write more on it. I'm not ruling out returning to Korea again in my lifetime. My mother and I are thinking of going back in Spring for a vacation...keep your eyes open for my return=^^=

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