Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I want a kitty...

So as usual I have been spending endless amounts of time looking over forums that talk about living and working in Korea. While going through I happened to stumble on a discussion about adopting cats. Just so you know, I LOVE CATS!!! Not having one in college is so annoying. I love hearing that purring noise. I love dogs too. Don't get me wrong. I like just about any animal except for birds. I really like flying squirrels too, but I digress.
So I've been looking at apartments and things, and it seems that many of them claim to allow pets. Now if this is really true or not I'm not sure. But I do plan on hopefully moving in somewhere that allows me to get a small pet. Especially after leaving my boyfriend who I am either with or talk to every day, I can't see myself living completely alone for too long. I never have. I've always either lived with a parent and sisters or one roommate. I don't know what to do with myself when I am alone too long. I wouldn't get a pet as soon as I move of course. After i see what my first paycheck is like in relation to my living expenses then I'll start looking at adopting a pet in need. From the homeless pet situation I have been reading about in Korea it shouldn't be too terribly difficult. I'd love to get kittens and puppies but I think that would be more work than I could honestly give them, so I think I would give a needy cat or small dog a chance at a good home.
The feeling of walking into your home and having your best friend greet you lovingly is a feeling everyone should have everyday. And i intend to.

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