Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Visa run

So I got an email back from CDI's coordinator about my visa code being sent to me within the next few days. Now that I can see it is going to be cutting it a bit close with getting my visa and flying out I'm wondering how long it will take. The consulate in Atlanta is the closest to me though it is still a good 4-5hr drive one way. I had considered flying out from Atlanta and just staying in a hotel somewhere down there but after more thought I really want to leave from my own city so I can say goodbye to family and friends. Not too mention the fact that Leon's job flies him out of town before then so if I am gone before he gets back then the last time I will see him for 6-7months is the July4th weekend. No good for me. The ticket isn't any cheaper from Atlanta it's just the fact that I would be driving back and forth so much.

So I have a question from you all out there. Did you go to get your visa from the consulate or did you have yours mailed to you? If you had it mailed to you how long did it take? As it stands I might not have my visa code until July1st and I need it to be in my passport by July11th so I can fly out July12th. Now I definitely have no time to plan for a new job. I'm going to be too busy trying to pack and possibly driving a total of 16hrs to get a visa stamp in which case I'm getting there, putting in the paperwork and driving right back home. The consulate opens up at 9am so if I get on the road by 5am my time I can be in there by 10am, do the damn thing and hopefully be back on the road home by 1pm before I hit Atlanta's god awful rush HOURS traffic. I do have a friend living about 45mins from Atlanta that I could possibly stay with if need be. I need to give her a call and figure out what the hell I'm going to do.


gracer said...

I also need help on the concept of this part of the process. Please, if you could also tell me how you did it, I'd buy you a coke or pepsi. I mean, if I ever get to Korea myself.

Can I ask you where you'll be stationed? I also applied at CDI and I'm going to be in Daejeon by the end of August!

Email me if you want to chat.

My name is Joy said...

I showed up at the Korean Consulate and handed in my docs and also an envelelope to have it all mailed back to me.

After about 3 days it arrived safely back to me. THis was in San Francisco where I lived, so I don't know if there is a difference.

If you have about 1-2 weeks I would think they would get it back to you by mail before you go. Maybe you can get a prepaid express envelope or something?

Joia said...

Went to the Consulate in DC. I dropped off my stuff at 11am on Thursday and I had it back by Friday morning, left for Korea Sunday morning. I crashed with my best friend.

I think that if they know your departure date, many times they can rush it to you by mail. Standard time takes about 2 weeks I think. I say go to the Consulate, crash with a friend, and pick it up if you can. That way, there's no worry about getting stuff lost in the mail. **clink clink** for my 2 cents... :)